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Welcome to OTTAA Project

Help us return the voice to those who lost it.


OTTAA Project it is an Augmentative Alternative Communication System, for speech impaired people. it’s a mobile, fast, effective communication tool that improves disable people lifestyle & increases of social and professional integration chances.

The most important features are:

- Ultra fast mobile solution.  (7 Sec X sentence)

- Daily use & rehab tool.

- First Predictive AACS.

How it works:

Speech impaired people build a sentence using pictograms, which are images that represent actions or objects there are thousands of pictograms, so OTTAA Project uses all the information that the smartphone has, to contextualize and achieve a richer and more complete context description, that works with a predictive algorithm that use this information to show the user the most accurate pictograms that fit in the communicational situation in which they are participating.

We are pursuing this idea because we lived and suffer speech impairment; so we decide to create a tool that could help us sort that out, but eventually we saw that we could help many people with disabilities as well as going to improve families living with a person with speech impairment.


The user or the speech therapist can edit any pictogram they want, with pictograms of the current system they are using like PECS, PCS or ARASAAC. OTTAA Project allows you to create a fully customized AAC using a picture from your camera, your device or from our vast list of pictograms. Also you can customize the text or create new groups, so can create phrases as complex as you can.


You can sync your agenda with OTTAA Project to have a better prediction of the pictograms you will need in any moment. This feature helps speech therapist saving them time customizing their patient’s routines. It is as easy as creating a Google Calendar appointment!


You can use the OTTAA Project with the screen scan feature to select the pictogram you want. This feature helps people with severe motor impairment like (hemiplegia, spastic hand, cerebral palsy, post-stroke, etc) so anyone can use this revolutionary AAC device.

OTTAA Project is able to be controlled by external signal (like a switches, sounds, eye tracking) or by turning the whole screen into a huge switch.


OTTAA Project it is the first location-aware AAC device. You can set your favorites places, and automatically will recognize when you enter some of these places and provide you with the most suitable pictograms you will need.


OTTAA Project it is fully customizable, since the very beginning was conceived with the most qualified opinion from different professionals like speech therapist, occupational therapist, psychologists, and parents. And every single details of this AAC can be customized to the needs of the user, like the subtitle size, font, style of the text as well as the pitch and the speed of the voice.


Not knowing a certain language can put you in a temporary speech impairment, that why OTTAA Project allows you to communicate in different languages using world known pictograms.




Our vision is to reach every person in the world who, for various speech impairments cannot communicate with their environment, family or friends. We are going to return the voice to all those people that today are locked inside their bodies.

“Communication between people, it is considered an essential aspect for any society and it is a key function to achieve social and workplace inclusion”.

You can find us on Financial Center, Dubai.

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My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.

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